Crown & Glory Meetup

me and lenee

Last week I went to a spectacular meetup and had a blast. It felt great to be surrounded by women with hair that looks like mine-a hard feat here in Barbie Land.

We were greeted with chilled wine, cheese, and fruit. Yes, we were fancy *sticks pinkie out*

There were around 25 of us, some natural for years, some newbies, and some transitioning. We even had a few relaxed ladies present. But everyone had one thing in common: we were there to discuss natural hair.

We talked about everything from products to common misconceptions to men and their feelings about our hair. I met a ton of good people and look forward to seeing them again.

I’ll be posting about some of our topics soon, but for now just enjoy the pics :mrgreen:


Laura Side

Laura Back

Our gracious host Laura. Isn’t she fierce? You can follow her and all of her fabolosity at her blog, Elle Wise.

Crown & Glory1

Crwon & Glory2

Crown & Glory3

Two more lovelies, one natural and one transitioning.

Crown & Glory4

Crown & Glory5

 I can’t remember this beauty’s name, but she has been natural for seven years, longer than anyone else at the meetup.


Lenee Side

Lenee Back

My girl Lenee. She used to have a  fly short relaxed ‘do. She’s since cut it all down and is rocking this. Don’t let the waves makes you sick  lol


Bailey Side

Bailey was the newest natural with us, @ a week if  I remember correctly. You can see she still some straight ends mixed in there.

Crown & Glory6

Crown & Glory7

This woman is transitioning; you can see some gorgeous texture peeking through.

Nailah Blades

Nailah Blades Side

If you’re looking to uncover your passion or simply need a guideline for life, certified Life Coach Nailah Blades is the woman to contact. Her business, Polka Dot Coaching, helps clients find, follow, and make the most of their true calling. She and I were the only two dreads present.

Crown & Glory8

Crown & Glory9

And here’s Rema, looking like an African princess. Who says natural hair isn’t versatile?

Crown &Glory 10

Natural and relaxed…can’t we all just get along? scuba diving in menorca

Nicole Updegraff

Nicole Updegraff Hair

You may not recognize Nicole Updegraff by face, but her book is essential for girls. Nicole is the author of I Love My Cotton Candy Hair, a children’s book celebrating the beauty of various types of hair. It’s perfect for little girls of all races. Visit Cotton Candy Hair for more information.

Crown & Glory11

The lady wearing the cross is Ms. Carol; the meetup was held at her place. Thank you 🙂

Crown & Glory Meetup Group

Crown & Glory Meetup Group

I had a great experience, ladies. See you next time confused smileys


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  1. Nailah says:

    Thanks for the write-up! It was so great meeting you and all of the other natural ladies at the event. Hopefully there will be more to come.
    Nailah recently posted..Streamlining: From Your Big Idea to 140 CharactersMy Profile

  2. […] that didn’t work so well for you and trade them for a fellow natural’s castaways. Natural hair meetups are the perfect place for this, plus you’ll meet some fabulous […]

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