Explaining Freeform Dreads to a Friend

Her: So, does it just grow out of your head twisted like that?

Me: No. The roots are actually loose, just like your new growth.

Her: Oh, so, what are you gonna do to it? Are you trying to grow it out?

Me: (After laughing) No, I’m not gonna “do anything to it.” Just leave it be.

Her: So, you’re gonna have, like, a fro with locs coming out of it? *look of confusion*

Me: Yeah, something like that.

Her: Well, wouldn’t it look neater if you twisted it?

Me: Yes, it would. *blank stare*

Her: Um…well…okay…*another look of confusion*

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  1. shamika says:

    lmao i love it!
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  2. nappyheadblkgrl says:

    Well, what else was there to say? lol

    Thanks for dropping by!
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