May 2014 Freeform Dreadlocks Update

Here’s my 4-month 2014 update for my freeform dreadlocks. Freeform for me means no separating or root maintenance.

Click here to check out my new year update.
I’m still working on my bun. Well, sorta kinda #dontjudgeme

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Nappy hair don’t care.


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  1. Your hair is so long!
    My daughter had considered getting dress but I discouraged it because she thinks that she can just dred it up and forget about it. She doesn’t realize that she still has to care for her hair. Teens!
    Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty recently posted..How I Achieved a Perfect Faux Wash ‘n GoMy Profile

  2. Avis says:

    You posted a question about what causes weak spots in locs, especially at the ends. The weak spots are likely to be caused by over conditioning. Surprisingly yes…too much conditioning causes the hair shaft to soften and unravel. It can prevent the hair from matting together, which is necessary for locs to form.

  3. Khardelya says:

    @ Avis, I agree! I stopped using conditioner years roots are thicker and that’s the way I like it..

    • No conditioner? The horror! haha That’s something to think about.

      I’ve always wanted to cut down on the amount of products I use. And I want to eventually work up to using the same products on my hair and body.

      Black soap, water, coconut oil…sounds like a plan, no? 🙂

  4. Khardelya says:

    @NHBG..I use coconut oil too & love it! Do u like the feel if ur roots? & do u think your hair is healthier since u stopped retwisting? I retwist 3 or 4x’s a year & folks ask me when do I plan to twist my roots..smh

    • Yep, I even had a dude tell me that you had to retwist to have dreads. And this is a guy who had them lol Sometimes it surprises how people can rock dreads but know so little about them.

      My roots are good for the most part but there are still some trouble spots (thin or weak). I will either marry them or just chop em off.

      And yes, I definitely think my hair’s improved since laying off the separating. I never retwisted, remember, but I was separating my roots. I no longer do that.

  5. Safi says:

    Pretty locs! I want free form locs soo bad, but I want to learn more about my natural texture first.
    Safi recently posted..Alex Proyas Casting Choices in “Gods of Egypt” Can Go Kick RocksMy Profile

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