Mail Break: Fuzz Balls On Dreads

mail break

A letter from the NHBG inbox:

I’ve got shoulder/mid-back locs. I put a silk cap on as soon as I get home to keep them clean and out of the way.

I noticed that when I take the cap off in the morning I’ve got these little fuzz balls stuck to my hair, especially the tips. What gives?


It sounds like your silk cap may be pilling. Pilling is caused by wear and washing. It appears as little fuzzies on your fabric, like this:

Fabric pilling.

Is your cap “well-loved”? Take a look inside of it. Do you see any fuzz balls?

If that’s not the case, I wonder if all of your hair is covered by the cap. If you have more hair than the cap can fit, maybe the ends are slipping out at night and attracting fuzz balls from your sheets.

NHBG fam, can you help her out? Leave a comment with any suggestions/solutions.

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