Going Natural: 3 Things I Wish I Knew

Going Natural: What I Wish I Knew

Going natural isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

Sure, it’s awesome to realize your natural beauty. And it’s freeing not having to rely on chemicals or stylists for fabulous hair.

I just have two words of advice: Be prepared 

If you’re thinking about going natural, you’re probably doing what I and thousands of other naturals who came before you did… scouring YouTube natural hair videos.

Nothing wrong with that. Seeing other men and women styling and caring for their natural hair is a great way to learn and be inspired.

But don’t forget this very important fact: Your hair is unique.

So what works for someone else may not work for you. One person’s method of going natural or transitioning may not be the best option for you.

This video is just me having fun with some of the natural hair expectations I had. I foolishly thought:

  • Natural hair is easy to detangle
  • Natural Hair requires less work
  • Natural Hair requires natural products


Detangling my natural hair was a beast

Yooo…my hair is nappy. No shame. It twists and twirls and hugs itself. Common sense should have told me it was gonna take some elbow work.

But everyone on YouTube said all I needed was conditioner with a good slip, a wide-tooth comb, and some water, preferably from a shower head.

Detangling was the worst, and I hated doing it. Shoot, just thinking about it now makes my hand cramp up.

black woman looking annoyed with natural hair in a ponytail

Me: It’s time to detangle. My hair: Nah, son.


Going Natural Takes Work

I thought that once I freed myself from the constraints of chemicals and heat my hair would be easy-breezy.

I’d cast away my shackles and skip through a meadow as I tossed boxes of relaxer and heat appliances into oblivion. It’d be like one of those maxi pad commercials.

Happy black woman with dreadlocks

No relaxer? No problem.

The reality is that I spent more time on my hair as a natural than I ever did when I was relaxed #playedmyself

Sure, no more chemical burns or hot comb scars or reversion, but I had new issues, like how to wash my hair without it becoming a tangled mess.

And how to find a good moisturizer. And how to keep my dreads from popping off 


You Can use Commercial Products On Natural Hair

Fresh strawberries and blueberries

I only use juices and berries on my natural hair.

I’m not a kitchentician. If I can’t eat it, I’m not taking the time to mix it up.

A lot of naturals will tell you to only use natural products, that “if you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t go on your hair.”

To which I reply, “Hogwash.”

Like I said, everyone’s hair is different. Some naturals make their own products, but you don’t have to.

Some naturals avoid traditional shampoo. But you don’t have to.

Some naturals don’t use silicones. But you…OK, you get the point.

Part of the fun of going natural is learning your hair and what it needs to thrive. It’s OK to be knowledgeable, always do what’s best for your hair, not what’s best for someone else’s.

What do you wish you knew before going natural? Let us know in the comments?


Watch 3 Things I Wish Before Going Natural on YouTube


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Photos courtesy Drew RobertsJoanna Nix, and Lukas Blazek on Unsplash.

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