Hair Repair

So there I was, just  minding my business and treating myself to a nice, relaxing brushing session.

I moved around to the front area, and before I knew it…BAM!

 man down

Man down! Man down!

Remember those skinny dreads that I’ve been meaning to combine for, like, ever? Well, I brushed one of them right on out of my head.

I can’t say that I was surprised. I’m actually shocked that he managed to hang on as long as he did.

So after I poured out a little conditioner for my homey, it was time to get down to business.

This is what I was left with after the tragedy:

the aftermath

The short piece is the loose hair at the root of the dread that had just come out. The skinny one beside it is how it had previously looked.

As you can see, its neighbor was heading toward a similar fate, so I went ahead and put it out of its misery.


I took the original dread and chopped off the loose hairs at its tip so that it began at a thicker point.

chop chop

Here are my tools, purchased for $2.44 at Walmart:

my tools

I made sure my thread was uber long; I always give myself extra room because I have trouble tying it off at the end.

needle and thread

I knotted it six times.

I decided to attach the broken dread to a shorter one in the front:

 new addition

This is actually an old pic of the dread. It’s longer and hangs now, but I forgot to take a pic beforehand. My bad. It’s a dread that formed on its own from some loose hairs.

As you can see, it’s dreading/knotting up at the end. I took that solid part and attached it to the tip of my broken dread.

I threaded it down and through multiple times and then doubled back up to the tip.

all done

Remember I said I always have trouble tying them off? This is what I mean:

all done

Yes, that’s the knot sitting away from the dread. I tried to knot it on the dread but it didn’t work…never does lol

I figured since the thread is black that it wouldn’t matter or be noticeable.

I’d just come from the gym, so I washed my hair.

Here’s the outcome after it dried the next morning:

freshly washed

Not bad, huh? I have no idea what happened to the two formerly attached strings of hair. I decided to leave them be to freely choose their new partners.

Here’s a closer look at the surgery:

close look

I think I did a decent job, but I still have more to operate on in the back.

NHBG fam, do you have any suggestions for my next time?

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  1. It looks good. When I had locs, I had the experience of losing a few. Mostly they came from the front where they were smaller. I never thought to repair them like this. If I go back to locs, I’ll keep this in mind.
    NaturalReview recently posted..How to Refresh a Wash and Go (Tutorial)My Profile

  2. Onenappsoul says:

    Looks great! I think you did an awesome job. There is a trick to doing the knot that my mom showed me. I’ll try to explain. Say you take the needle and thread through the material/loc or whatever you are sewing, before pulling all the way taunt, take the needle back through the material/loc and come back out and you will have a loop. Take the needle throw the loop and pull and volia a knot. To make a double knot, take the needed through the thread and make a loop. Instead of going through the material/loc, go through the loop and pull taunt. That secures it. I hope you understand and it helps. Your hair looks great! Thanks for showing! Now I know what to do cause I have a few thin ones I need to combine on mine, but trying to wait to see if they will thicken up some. Oneluv! onenappsoul

    • I had to read that a few times lol

      So it sounds like you’re basically making the knot right next to the dread instead of way down near the end of the thread correct?

      Thanks for the tip. I’m thinking of BCing the back and just starting from scratch, so I’ll keep this in mind.

  3. Jane says:

    Yeah! I truly believe that it really looks great and I think you did an fantastic job. This is great if you have curly hair but I like most is having a straight hair.By the way, there is a trick to doing the knot that my mom showed me when I was young. I appreciate it!
    Jane recently posted..9 Signs To Know That He Is A CheaterMy Profile

  4. I was wondering how long you go between retwists?

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