How To Clean Your Hair Brush

How to clean your hairbrush

Be honest…how often do you clean your hair tools?

I haven’t used a comb in years and rarely brush, so I was surprised to see how much hair and dirt (yuck) were trapped in my brush’s bristles.

If you’re serious about your hair care, you need to be serious about keeping your hair tools clean as well. Do you know how to clean your hairbrush?


1 Remove Hair

Use a fine tooth comb for this step. (A rat-tail works perfectly.) Simply comb through the bristles as you would comb your hair. You can also just use your fingers.

2 Fill a bowl with warm water and shampoo

I used a 1.8 liter Tupperware bowl. If you’re cleaning more than one tool at a time, you can use a sink. Add a few drops or one squirt of clarifying shampoo and swirl it around until you see bubbles.

Clean your hairbrush.

3 Submerge your brush(es)

My boar bristle brush was safe in the water. If you’re using a brush with a soft bed, like a paddle brush, you’ll need to dip it multiple times. You’ll now be able to remove any additional hair as it loosens. Do so, again, with a comb or your fingers.

4 Rinse and dry

Rinse your brush in warm water and shake it. Air dry it in the open on its side or with the bristles facing down so that all the water is completely removed for thorough drying.

Is cleaning your hair tools a part of your regular routine? 

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  1. MsKat says:

    A few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid works well too-removes any oily buildup from product and natural body oils. I keep an old toothbrush around to scrub between the bristles-it removes most or all of the trapped hair.

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