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A letter from the NHBG inbox:

How do to keep your dreads from going flat? I really want to freeform or semi freeform but I dont want my dreads to go flat[…]I love the idea of just letting my hair do its own thing.


First, congratulations on crossing over to the other side. You’ll like it here 😉

I find it interesting that you want your hair to do its own thing…as long as it’s not flat lol If you’re going to be freeforming in any way , the way your dreads form will be largely in nature’s hands.

Flat dreads are often formed in the early stages, before the hair is mature, and can be the result of sleeping habits (laying on them) or constricting them (hats, scarves, etc.).

You can help plump them up to a certain extent, though:

  • Twist/roll them back and forth (the actual dread, not the root). Water helps.
  • Be careful when using scarves, doo-rags, hats, etc.
  • Don’t sleep on wet hair.
  • Use a bonnet at night.

Honestly, though, dreads have a mind of their own. Even these techniques won’t guarantee they won’t turn out flat.

Time also has a way of “fixing” issues we have with our hair. You may find your flat dreads plump up on their own.

No matter the outcome, I hope you accept and love your hair however it looks; that’s what NHBG is all about.

As long as it’s healthy, everything else will fall into place. Good luck, fam.

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  1. NaturaLocs says:

    I was just dealing with this a few days ago. I agree sleeping with wet hair results in flat locs. Even damp hair. I was doing my water and oil sprays too close to bed time and my hair takes forever to dry naturally now it’s cold.

    Thanks for sharing your info. I suppose it’s common for freeformers still want a “form”.
    NaturaLocs recently posted..Week 23My Profile

  2. Thank you for sharing this information, it makes so much sense. I have recently started semi-freeforming and one loc is really flat, and wouldn’t you guess its on the side of my head that I sleep on.
    Jocelyn Reneé recently posted..Are Locs a Lifetime Commitment?My Profile

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