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Mr. Monday - Bernard

Location: Detroit, MI

Age: 26

Twitter/Instagram: Naijanupe_



Right now I have a small fro that I just pick out every morning. I usually apply olive oil, black seed oil, and tea tree oil every morning and night. I am hoping to get dreads.

The natural hair scene is on the rise in Detroit if we are referring to it in the sense of no weave as well. A very rough estimate is like 25% of women in metro Detroit are going natural. I’m hearing women that work at salons are saying more women are coming to them for natural hair styles.

Some rock afros, afro hawk, curls, mini fro, locs, etc.

I love, I mean love, natural hair on women. I’ve always been different so I always found women with the short hair cuts way hotter than the long hair styles. I loved seeing women in movies with locs, kinky/nappy curly hair and afros. I’m dating one now.

A woman being natural says to me she doesn’t care about what society says. But as far her beliefs/outlooks, I don’t think it says anything. A woman with natural hair doesn’t mean she’s a so called “radical”, “revolutionary”, or embracing her African roots.

People just judge beauty and what should be the standard  based on Eurocentric ideals. I think as black people we must learn that everyone is different and our hair is different. Nappy doesn’t mean bad or ugly.

Learn to love, appreciate, and care for your natural hair.


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  1. NaturaLocs says:

    Totally agree with your opinion that natural hair doesn’t necessarily express any beliefs or outlooks. As you say natural hair is on the rise so there will be plenty of us just moving with a new trend and why not, hair is still fashionable even when natural.

    I think natural hair isn’t as stressed over by other races as we complain about. Most respecting adults I meet see beyond the kinks and even become intrigued by them.

    Nice to meet you Bernard, document your future dread journey!

    Hope you’re good NHBG :)))

  2. Dan Ricky says:

    I also love natural hair on women, and I have heard the same thing being said by a lot of men.
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  3. ~L says:

    I agree,and I wish more people realized that natural hair doesn’t tell you everything about a person.
    ~L recently posted..Business Feature: AbsyniaMy Profile

  4. jhanelle says:

    Yesssss! Love it.

    “Nappy doesn’t mean bad or ugly.”


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