Mr. Monday: Bertran Cooper aka BC

Bertran Cooper, BEeFF

Location: Los Angeles

Age: 24

SoundCloud: BEeFF

Twitter: @eatBEeFF

YouTube: FAKEworldBEeFF


The last time I cut my hair was just over 3 years ago. I honestly had always wanted to grow my hair out, and finally just did it.

I’ve never had my hair twisted. It kind of just grew out like this. I wash it once or twice a week, and condition it whenever I shower.

Being natural is definitely a lifestyle for me. I like to go with the flow and let life figure itself out rather than forcing things. My hair is a direct, literal expression of this idea.

Dreads have been getting pretty popular around L.A., and I’m super down with the movement. I love all hairstyles whether natural or artificial, but as far as dreads go you can always tell who’s been about it and who just started theirs out lol

I love either really really long hair or super crazy styles like with cool colors and stuff. But I have seen some sexy short hair/bald women in my day. Girls can pretty much pull off anything if they do it right.

I’m in a band called BEeFF. It stands for Bertran (thats me) Evan (the other dude) and Every F***ing Female. We’re like a based Hall and Oates produced by ’96 Timbaland.

My advice for new dreads? Swag, brah.

Bertran and Evan, BEeFF

Learn to love, appreciate, and care for your natural hair.



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  1. Wendy Johnson says:

    OMG!!! I love BEeFF!!! I love BC’s hair and I think he’s cute!!! Good post!!!

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