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I have been locked for 26 months and 23 days. My decision to freeform came from my own vision of not having skinny and even locs; I felt that my locs had to represent the variety in my own real life (the big, the small, the combined issues). Other influential factors included my fear of having unknown chemicals so close to my skin, the eagerness to know what my hair could do, and my limited finances at the time.

I maintain my hair by allowing it to maintain itself. I do wash quite often, though. I rinse nearly every day and thoroughly scrub once a week. I do not deep condition or put anything in my hair but I have, at times, applied a tiny amount of olive oil to my hair (not my scalp) to combat the winter weather.

The hair scene here in the DC/Maryland area has grown tremendously. I think people are “waking up” to the natural options that they have for their hair, whether it’s because they can no longer afford their former hair expenses, or whether it’s a true fundamental embrace of their natural selves. Locs are very common in my area, however, freeforming is still somewhat of a rarity. I mostly spot older black males or Rastafarians who freeform.

Freeforming is far from a “hairstyle,” which is temporary and doesn’t alter much in a person; it goes well beyond that. I consider it a lifestyle because your life becomes significantly different while on this journey.

Reactions to my hair vary. My family has really negative views of long hair on males, which makes freeforming the ultimate defiance. They’ve incessantly urged me to stop “the madness” and felt offended even at my respectful refusal. Strangers, however, are quite amazed by it and many either come up and ask about my locs or just give friendly compliment. I’ve noticed also that loctician-using males are very supportive of freeformed locs; they acknowledge the fact that we are each part of the same community.

A few words of advice for new naturals:

  • Make the journey fun; take lots pictures, share it with strangers (vids, pics, blogs), and be excited.
  • Do your research. Knowledge is wealth.
  • Be patient. Envision the goal ahead and stick to it.
  • Live your life. This journey is meant to better you not set you apart from the world, so just live your life.


Join the family.


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  1. soulmama says:

    Love the hair. I visit Jamaica as much as I can and have many friends there. I am very much aware of free form dreadlocks, they’re just all over the place. They are the original locks. I have been through this “journey” twice. I cut them once and I just couldn’t get comfortable not having them. It was a terrible feeling. Whenever I saw some I just felt incomplete, do I finally decided to go through the “journey again promising myself that I don’t know what it would take to cut them again. It’s been 6 yrs. this time. I just feel so beautiful and whole.

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