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I decided to grow out my hair in the Fall of 2009 after becoming bored with having the same look. I had relied on low Ceasars as my go-to style for several years and wanted to switch it up a bit. I guess you could say that I was also “growing up” a lot and letting go of my desire to appear perfect. I feel like now my hair expresses who I really am, someone with my own sense of style and attitude. It’s great to embrace that.

On a daily basis I wear my hair in a big, unabashed, fluffy, kinky-curly fro. I usually only wash with shampoo once a week or so, but it really does depend on what my hair and scalp need. I normally co-wash with TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner twice a week to keep my hair moisturised. I love that stuff! It makes my hair easy to detangle and it’s definitely a go-to product for me. I don’t deep condition on a regular basis (I know, I know…it’s terrible) but I like to think that I have pretty healthy hair in spite of that. For styling I’ve been using a rotation of Donna Marie Dream Curling Creme and BelNouvo Coco Castor Pudding along with Koils By Nature Tranquil Virility Pomade to refresh multi-day hair.

Finding the right products can be a really big challenge. I would encourage everyone to set themselves on a monthly budget for personal care items and stick to it. There’s no sense going broke when you don’t have to.

The hair scene in New York City is great. I can never say enough good things about this city. I’m fortunate enough to see both guys and girls rocking all sorts of natural hair styles. I see fros, twist outs, and all sorts of curly and kinky hair.

I’ve gotten mostly positive reactions to my hair. There is a bit of staring when I’m out in public, which I assume is because my hair style is relatively uncommon. I’ve also run into criticism by strangers who have made comments about how ugly my hair is. Sometimes that stuff gets to me, but I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive reactions. The people close to me are really supportive of me, my hair, and Mane Man, and I’m especially grateful for that.

I like to think of Mane Man as the modern man’s lifestyle guide. I talk everything from hair and shaving to style and everything in between.  I also try and host giveaways as much as possible.  I think Mane Man has a little something for everyone.

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