Mr. Monday: Tro’juan Henderson

Spoken word artist Tro'juan Henderson

Location: Austin, TX


Twitter: @trojuan_

Instagram: /trojuan

This past December made two years of me growing my dreads. My inspiration in starting was Wale, honestly. I just liked the looks.

I usually get them washed biweekly. In between I use witch hazel to clean my scalp. Loc gel is usually used on my hair. Shampoo? I don’t know lol I’ll have to ask her.

My hair in three words? Gray. Beautiful. Crazy.

I’ve learned that my hair is extremely curly. This was a surprise due to my perception of curly growing up. Growing up, curly was the light skin S-Curl look, you know? But I’ve grown to learn that there are various curl patterns.

If I could have done one thing differently in my locing process, I would’ve done more research on maintenance. I’m a lot better now. In the beginning I’d go mad long without a retwist or scalp treatment, which is very important.

Poet Tro'juan Henderson

I’m a spoken word artist. Hip-hop got me started. Life motivates me, as does listening to different conversations. Just overall everyday interaction.

Here are my upcoming performance dates:
Feb 6th, Soul Sessions; Austin, TX
Feb 12th, Black Academy of Arts & Letters; Dallas, TX
Feb 13th, Wayne State; Detroit, MI
Feb 18th, University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ
March 30th, TBD; St. Louis, MO

My advice for new naturals is to enjoy the process and get away from “going natural.” One can’t “go” what they’ve been born with.

Educate yourself about maintenance. Look yourself in the mirror and know that there will be times you don’t feel the most attractive/secure. But [remember] this is a process. A gestation process.

You have to allow your hair to do what it does best. I’ve learned to let life flow…just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Tro'juan Henderson

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