Natural Hair Bun Update

natural hair bun styles

Hey, fam. Here’s a sneak peek into my natural hair bun update.

My one and only new year’s resolution this year was to perfect my bun. And although I started a bit later than expected, I’ve been improving every month.

This one is a simple twist and tuck bun. I’ll be uploading the YouTube tutorial sometime next month.

I’m hoping once I conquer the basics I’ll be able to rock some of my favorite bun styles. When I reach that point, y’all won’t be able to tell me nothin’.

What new styles or techniques have you all been working on lately?

NHBG…Where all hair is good hair.

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Duke says:

    I love it. Can a guy wear this style?

  2. Stacie says:

    Chl’ well let me start telling you stuff now, because babayyyy girl that bun is everything! I don’t know sis, I think you may already have it perfected, but you may not know it yet. Super cute style…

    • Ahhhh, thanks so much, sis. Sometimes I feel like it looks crazy because I have nappy roots with a tame looking bun on top. It almost looks like a piece lol

      Trust me, I still have some improvements to make. This pic was strategically taken from a certain angle for maximum results 😉

  3. ruth says:

    looking good

  4. ruth blackmore says:

    like that

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