How I Started My Natural Hair Journey: My Natural Hair Tag

Natural hair tag - me with dreadlocks

I have been natural almost 15 years now (I know…can you believe it? free smiley), but I’ve only ever done one other hair tag.

For the uninitiated, a hair tag is similar to the childhood game. Someone makes a blog post / video about a topic, then they tag you. You make one, then tag someone else…

In this case, CaribbeanQveenTV did a natural hair tag video, and at the end she said, “If you’re watching this and you’re natural, you’re tagged.”

And I was like, “Well, I’m watching this, and I’m natural. I’m tagged!”


Why did you start your natural hair journey?

I’m kinda not sure 

I didn’t have a big spiritual awakening or this moment where I realized that I’m beautiful and I wanted stop pleasing other people with my hair. Nothing like that.

I just became obsessed one day.

I do know that when I started, I was committed. When I decided that I wanted to be natural, that was it.

I read all the blogs, all the books. I watched all you guys’ videos and I went with it.

As for my dreads, I woke up one day and I wanted dreads. A week later, I started them.

Probably part of that was I was tired of doing my hair. I’m not a big hairstyle person, even when I was relaxed. It’s not fun for me.

When I first went natural, it was cool because it was new and exciting. But after a while, I was like, yo, hairstyles are for the birds, and I just didn’t wanna do it anymore. So here I am with dreads.


What is your hair texture?

Nappy, low porosity, average thickness, low density.


Health or length? 

Health over everything. I’m not much into length. I don’t think I’ve ever done a length check video. It’s just not my thing.


If you could only live with one hair product, what would it be?

Argan oil. I like the Sheabutter Cottage brand.


pRoy of Steel Feather Lace Elephant, afro

Natural To Know: pRoy


What’s the worst product you’ve ever used?

I don’t remember the brand, but it was a shampoo that made my hair really hard and crispy. But I didn’t pay for it, so it’s all good.


Are you a product junkie?

Nope. Shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer. Easy peasy.


How often do you trim your hair? 

Not often enough when I was loose. My ends were always raggedy. As a dread, I’m not sure I’ve ever trimmed. Oops.

I cut off the ends when they thin out, but I don’t purposely trim.


How often do you use heat?

Only on wash day, and I don’t like doing that. I had to start because it was taking my hair too long to dry once it started growing, and I was afraid of mildew. And that’s no bueno.


Do you take hair supplements? 

No. A company sent me some to try years ago. I stuck with it for about a week. Too much work.


What is your favorite oil?

Again, argan oil. I love that stuff.


Naturals To Know: Rachel Stewart

Natural To Know: Rachel Stewart


Who is your hair crush? 

I don’t have one. I just love natural hair. But I swoon for short hair, like Caesars, and I drool over big nappy hair.


How long does it take you on a wash day? 

I have no idea, y’all. I have never thought about this before.

I don’t know, quick? I don’t like bothering with my hair, so I try to get in and out. Hit it and quit it.


What’s the worst thing that has happened to your hair? 

It broke off from neglect. Completely my fault. I’ll do a post on that for you guys soon.

Long story short, it started thinning near the ends and I just never fixed it, so then it started falling off. I made a video about it when it first started.


Do you dye your hair? If so, what color? 

Nope, I’ve never dyed my hair, even when I was relaxed.


Who do you tag?

You, of course 

Answer one question, or answer them all. No pressure.

If you decide to accept my natural hair tag, leave a comment so that I can go check you out and show you some love.

If you’ve been counting, you noticed there a few questions missing. They didn’t translate well through a blog post. To hear them, watch my original video tag on YouTube.


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