Naturals To Know: pRoy

pRoy of Steel Feather Lace Elephant, frohawk

1 How long have you been a natural? Did you transition? If so, how?

I have been 100% natural for 5 years this month. Wow, I didn’t really notice that until now. I transitioned starting in late 2007 and used styles such as roller sets and twist sets but mainly weaves and Senegalese twists.


2 Describe your hair in three words.

Untamed yet beautiful.


3 How are you currently wearing your hair? What is your hair routine? What products do you use?

I am currently wearing my hair out in its natural state – no weave, a tad bit of color. My hair routine is simple: I wash, condition, and deep condition weekly. I seal in moisture with the LOC method (liquid, oil, cream) and style my hair however I see fit.

Products that I have on rotation right now include Giovanni Direct Leave-In, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, shea butter, aloe vera gel, and good ole H2O. That’s pretty much it. I will occasionally switch up stylers, though.

pRoy of Steel Feather Lace Elephant, natural hair updo

4 Name one thing that you learned about your hair after becoming a natural.

After becoming natural I realized how versatile my hair is. She can be straight, curly, braided – whatever. I love it.


5 Tell us more about your business, People of COLORS?

People of COLORS (Creativity and Originality. Lovers of Real Style.) is an online magazine/image consulting firm that specializes in helping individuals channel their own style identity. We provide services such as wardrobe editing, personal shopping, and much more. You can check us out at And while you’re there you can catch up on the latest issue of People of COLORS.


6 Where else can we find you online?

You can find me on my blog: Steel Feather. Lace Elephant.,
on Instagram: askpRoy,
on YouTube,
on Facebook,
and on Twitter: @askpRoy.

I also have an e-book entitled “A Natural’s Truth: Just Love Your Hair” that gives you insight on my natural journey, natural advice, and various hairstyles. It’s completely free! You can download it via my website on any of your electronic devices and on iTunes (for iPad only).


7 A final word of advice for new naturals?

Embrace YOUR hair and never compare yourself to anyone else. God only makes UNIQUE masterpieces so regard yourself as such and never less than that, got it?

pRoy of Steel Feather Lace Elephant, afro

Meet new naturals.

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  1. Tinuke says:

    That color suits her so well… Gorgeous hair she has!

  2. Amma Mama says:

    She’s a beauty!
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