Naturals To Know: Cerendipity

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1 How long have you been natural? Did you transition? And if so, how?

I’ve been natural almost 4 years. I did transition; however, I didn’t know that’s what I was doing. I kept putting my hair in braids and sew-in weaves. I would keep them in for 2-3 months and then cut the straggly ends off whenever I would redo my hair. After a year of doing this I had a head full of natural hair.


2 Describe your hair in three words.

Unique, inspiring, thickalicious.

3 How are you currently wearing your hair? What is your hair routine? What products do you use?

I’m currently wearing a raggedy twist-out, lol. My routine varies but my constants are:

  • prepoo
  • shampoo or co-wash
  • leave in
  • style

During the spring/summer I consistently wash-n-go, and during the fall/winter, I wear twists,twist-outs, or protective styles if I can muster up the time needed. I use a lot of products from various lines, but I always keep ayurvedic, clay, and deep treatments in my stash at all times.

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4 Name one thing that you learned about your hair after becoming a natural.

I learned that I really didn’t like myself unless I had straight hair or my hair was flowing past my neck. For years I used my hair as a way to validate my beauty to the world. As a natural I accept me for me, no ifs, ands, or buts.

My hair doesn’t hang or flip, but what it does do is allow the world to see ME before anything else.

5 Where else can we find you online?

A Happy Nappy Affair Blog



I’m also Cerendipity on NaturallyCurly and Nappturality.


6 A final word of advice for new naturals?

Research will be your best friend. Take the time to get to know your hair before venturing out on what’s popular in the natural community. And have fun!

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