Naturals To Know: Lisa Irby

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1 How long have you been natural? Did you transition? And if so, how?

I’ve been natural for 7 months. I transitioned for 18 months. I was actually texturizing my hair prior to my transition so my hair was not completely straight. I believe that helped with the long-term transition. Having said that I would not recommend texturizing your hair. I chose that option because I was too afraid to go fully natural. But my hair was worse off with the texturizer so I decided to go completely natural.

2 Describe your hair in three words.

Thick, cottony and “holds well” (meaning it holds rod sets and twist outs very well).


3 How are you currently wearing your hair? What is your hair routine? What products do you use?

I am wearing it in small two strand twists — my go-to style. I usually wear the twists for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks and then rock a twist out for another week. I’ve learned to keep my scalp itch and flake-free by doing a tea tree oil/jojoba oil mixture on my scalp right before I shampoo.

For twists I use either Organics Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel or Taliah Waajid Lock it Up. Every 3-4 days I will lightly moisturize my hair with jojoba oil.

I use too many products to name, but the above are my staples since I wear a lot of twists and twist outs.

4 Name one thing that you learned about your hair after becoming a natural.

I learned how much easier my hair retains length because I don’t use any heat on my hair anymore and the manipulation is minimal.

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5 Where else can we find you online?

I have a full-time online business that teaches people how to create their own websites and make money online. You can find my site at

6 A final word of advice for new naturals?

Learn to embrace YOUR hair. It’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s texture. But the faster you learn to embrace what your hair does naturally, the easier the journey will be. And finally, enjoy the versatility that natural hair brings!

Click to visit Lisa Irby on 2CreateAWebsite


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