Naturals To Know: Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart

1 How long have you been natural? Did you transition? And if so, how?

A little over 20 years.

No transition. I decided one day I wanted to shave it all off…I had very long hair, but I always wanted a bald head…so I bought some clippers and shaved it…I want trying to be natural at that time..I just wanted that hairstyle.

2 Describe your hair in three words.

Well, I have about 4 textures on my head…I guess you could say my hair is crazy, sexy, cool….

3 What is your hair routine? What products do you use?

I”m a a minimalist when it comes to hair care, my routine is:
Co-washing 3-4 times a week
I never use shampoo

I use my conditioner as a leave in, I don’t see the need to buy a “leave in” conditioner, ITS JUST a smaller bottle..don’t believe the hype!…use your regular or deep conditioner as a leave in.

I detangle once a week with a shower comb, on the other days I lightly finger detangle in the shower, making sure I always have conditioner in my hair anytime I manipulate my hair.
I air dry and keep it moving.

I don’t wear protective styles or sleep in a scarf.
I don’t use butter or oils, I used too but I found that just using my conditioner as a leave in works better than anything I’ve done.

My only products are:
Garnier Fructis 3 minute undo deep conditioner, I use this for co-washing and as a leave in.
I use apple cider vinegar to clarify once a month or as needed..8 oz of water and one tablespoon of vinegar, pour it over hair in the shower and follow with a deep conditioner.

That’s all I use.  Less is more and I have found that the more you put in your hair the more you gotta wash out..I like my hair to feel light not weighed down with 4 products a day. I think that many naturals pile on products trying to acheive a texture that they dont have instead of appreciating thier

4 Name one thing that you learned about your hair after becoming a natural.

That I dont need 5 products, and better yet I dont need to spend 40$ on ANY hair care product that promises a texture I dont have.

5 Where else can we find you online?

Rachel Stewart Jewelry

6 A final word of advice for new naturals?

IF you use shampoo….Dilute it or dont use it at all!..your dishes should be squeaky clean..NOT your the detergent for the kitchen.


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  1. Wow, I gave learned a lot in this one minute of reading her story than i did over the last 10 months of being natural! Thanks Rachel for your advice, I will run with it! THanks for the blog!!!!

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      I’ve been natural for years and I also learned something! lol
      Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again..

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  3. Tracey says:

    Wow I have done allot of reserch and no one has laid it out like this and I sure will take this advice cause i have become a product junkie. But you put it plain and simple. Thank you

  4. Wynne says:

    Finally there is someone besides myself who does not wear protective styling or sleep in a scarf. It’s gets to be so confusing with all these different methodologies about taking care of natural hair. I’ve asked my mom and others about maintaining their sleek Afros in the 70s and they all said that they just went to bed and picked their hair out in the morning. That’s why I do not understand all the hoopla about maintaining natural hair with protective styles, etc. After wearing kinky twists for two months, I did notice some hair growth. However, upon taking then out, I also noticed some hair breakage which I realize is normal. My point is that no matter what, we will experience hair breakage at some point in the hair journey. My whole point of going natural was to be free and not back in bondage again. For too long, I was a slave to relaxers, weaves, etc. I too have brought numerous hair products and it is just too darn costly as well as complex because of the routine that goes with it. Since going natural, I’ve done the kinky twists, twistouts,etc. Now I just want to wear my Afro which by the way, your is absolutely stunning. I have a back-in-the-day pick with the Afro fist that I used to style my Afro and I must say, I do not see as much hair breakage as I’ve seen before. Besides I get a lot of compliments from people of various nationalities and especially the men (LOL). I love my God-given hair. Just think, when blacks were enslaved, there was no time to worry about haircare, products, manipulation, etc. The hair just grew…

    • You are so on-point with this comment. My first rule of natural hair is to leave it alone.

      I think part of the reason we do so much to our hair now is because the amount of info out there is overwhelming. Now that we have the internet and all these social media sites, its easy for people to slap some information online and gather a following.

      I think they didn’t do so much back in the day because there wasn’t so much to do, if that makes any sense. It was pretty much word-of-mouth. Now you can go to YouTube, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. There’s so many different options and opinions and methods.

      I also think the protective styling is more a “leave it alone” technique and that it encourages letting the hair do its own thing. I’m all for them because I think they reduce stress to your hair and help protect it from the elements and moisture loss.

      Thanks a million for commenting. I hope you’ll drop by again.

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