4 Ways To Not Be A Broke Natural

4 ways to save on natural hair

Shampoos and custards and butters…oh my!

It’s easy to get carried away spending on your fabulous coif, especially when you’re a newbie. Where do you start? What do you really need?

Buying products that don’t work, going broke trying to keep up with the newest hair fad…I’ve been there. And now I’m here to make sure you don’t have to go there, too.

Read on and save money on natural hair today.

discount coupon


Coupons aren’t just for groceries and Black Friday. I don’t buy anything, no matter how cheap, without first looking for a deal.

Searching for hair product discounts online is quick and easy. Just type [brand name] + “coupon code”.

So if you want to buy SheaMoisture products, Google SheaMoisture coupon code. And bam! Instant savings.


black woman on phone


You know the saying: A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Looking for a moisturizer to help your fro reach new heights? Need a new conditioner to soothe your strands? Let people know.

Your sister/co-worker/neighbor may have just the product you’re looking for collecting dust in a drawer.

You can even do swaps. Take products that didn’t work so well for you and trade them for a fellow natural’s castaways. Natural hair meetups are the perfect place for this, plus you’ll meet some fabulous people.


eden bodyworks samples


Would you buy a car without test driving it? Or rent a house without looking inside? Of course not. So why buy a product without trying it out first?

Many natural hair brands offer free or low-cost product samples. Miss Jessie’s, for instance, has $2 trial sizes. EDEN BodyWorks has a samples collection with 6 products and Taliah Waajid’s goodie bag with various samples is totally free.


join the mailing list


You’re a star, baby, so why not be treated like one?

When you join a company’s email list you become a VIP. Signing up gives you access to perks like special sales, exclusive content, and, you guessed it, product coupons/free merchandise.

Most are free but some cost a nominal fee. Carol’s Daughter, for instance, costs $10 to become a member but you get free shipping and 10% off all purchases. Not a bad deal, right?

And just in case you’d like to join the Nappy Headed Black Girl email list, click here. (Like I said, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.)


Have a few tips of your own? Of course you do. Share them with us in the comments.

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