Negro Please Alert: Sheryl Underwood

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So let’s set the stage…

One weaved up black woman? Check.

Crowd full of white people? Check.

Degrading comments about the exact hair that grows out of black woman’s head? Check.

And hilarity ensues. Because, you know, those black people always hate their hair.

Last week on The Talk they discussed weird things people save. It was mentioned that Heidi Klum saves her biracial sons’ hair.

Sheryl Underwood

Cue host Sheryl Underwood:

I’m sorry but why would you save afro hair? You can’t weave in afro hair! No one walks into the hair place and says ‘Look here, what I need is curly, nappy, beady hair.’ That just seems nasty.


After co-host Sara Gilbert responded that she also saves her son’s hair, Sheryl replied:

Which is probably that beautiful, long, silky stuff. That’s not what an afro is.


Po’ child. I guess no one ever told her that afro hair can be beautiful. Or that people do indeed get weaves with that “nasty” stuff. Or that the silky-straight Farrah Fawcett wig she’s sporting is not her real hair.

Oh well. She can join my “Negro Please” list alongside Isaiah Mustafa and Andre Walker. As for me and my naps…I’m good.

Positive self-image? Check.

Healthy, nappy, kinky, beautiful afro hair? Check.

Moving on with my life? Check.

What are your thoughts on the video? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.

We love afro hair.


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  1. Chicago Diva says:

    The show was “The Talk” and not “The View”

  2. wow. Well I guess she’s entitled to her opinion, however narrow. Why don’t ppl get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many people LOVE afro textured hair.

    I straightened my hair this weekend and it was limp and flimsy. I couldn’t wait to get my curls back.
    Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty recently posted..5 Things About Natural Hair That Make You Go Wow!My Profile

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      I’m with you. I can’t see myself with straight hair anymore.

      And yes, an opinion is an opinion. But you can like what you like without demeaning others in the process, ya know?

  3. Stacie says:

    …and suddenly, I’m sick to my stomach. I literally yeah, I will eventually, but for now I have NO words…how could she degrade herself. No self-respect-having and what is worse is that she gets paid for that. Nothing is that damned funny. Words came, but none convey my disgust for her comments.

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      Maybe some years ago I would have been shocked and disgusted. Now I’m like whatevs. No matter how popular or trendy we think natural hair is comments like this show us otherwise.

      All I can do is love my naps ’cause not everyone else will *shrug*

  4. Zainab 1 says:

    Ok first the title to this post says it all for me . Drops mic and walks away.

    I’ve seen this nonsence of a comment on other social media networks. And yes shes delusional, and uneducated about the beauty of our ORIGINAL SELF , OUR ORIGINAL HAIR, OUR ORIGINAL BEING. sicking
    Zainab 1 recently posted..~ NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL ~My Profile

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      lol @ drops mic.

      I don’t know what to say about these celebs. You’re a comedian. I get it. But dang, you’re a black woman, too. Where’s the love?

  5. Duke says:

    Seems like she has a liitle bit of self-hatred or little to no knowledge of how beautiful our hair is & the wonders about having it.

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      Funny thing is…she’s since issued an apology in which she claims she was raised to be proud of her history and heritage. Maybe Hollywood has turned her out lol

  6. Ariane says:

    Uggh… the ignorance! You gave this post the right title.
    Ariane recently posted..2nd Annual Cultural Arts Expo Video RecapMy Profile

  7. […] Lawdhammercy. Between this and the Sheryl Underwood tomfoolery…iCant. […]

  8. Cookie says:

    Unbelievable and not even a funny “joke”…If you prefer to wear your hair or wig/weave straight that fine but why talk down on someone else with Afro hair. How in the world is it nasty? I don’t understand that I have so many questions for this lady!

  9. […] white person, the Internet would have lit him up. As a matter of fact, Sheryl Underwood pretty much said the same thing and we had her on national radio […]

  10. Ras says:

    It’s truely sad that the white woman loves her Black child’s hair more than the black woman would. I don’t know if Sheryl Underwood has kids (i hope not), but what a shame that she would probably slap a relaxer in the kid’s hair at two or three and knock those “ugly” naps out. While a white woman makes her black child feel beautiful as they are.

    • From what I know Sheryl doesn’t have any children. She’s since “apologized” for the remarks (Google her on Steve Harvey) but I wonder if it was sincere.

      Judging by those shiny wigs she wears on the show, I wasn’t surprised by her statements at all smh

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