Speak The Lingo

Newly natural? Nobody has to know. Here are a few terms to get you speaking like a pro.

ACV Apple Cider Vinegar (often used as a clarifying treatment)

APL Arm Pit Length

BAA Big A– Afro

BC Big Chop (cutting off remaining relaxed ends)

BSL Bra Strap Length

Co-Wash Conditioner Wash (washing hair with just conditioner…helps retain moisture)

DC Deep Conditioner

EO Essential Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

HHG Happy Hair Growing

HL Hip Length

JBCO Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Marry When two or more dreads latch onto each other. Usually occurs at the root but can also happen along the length

MBL Mid Back Length

Nappyversary Your natural hair’s anniversary date

No Poo A method that includes cleansing the hair without traditional shampoo

Pre Poo Moisturizing the hair before shampooing to help prevent dryness (usually with oil or conditioner)

PJ Product Junkie (someone who buys/uses many products)

Scab Hair Freshly BC’d hair still recovering from relaxer effects. Often dry and in need of extra conditioning

Sealing “Trapping” moisture in your hair by applying oil on top of your moisturizer

Shrinkage The amount your hair kinks/naps up. Generally, the tighter the curl the more shrinkage you’ll have

SL Shoulder Length

Slip How easily a comb can “slip” through the hair. Ex: “This conditioner really gives my hair lots of slip.”

Transition The transition from relaxed to natural hair

TWA Teeny Weeny Afro

Two-Strand Twists A style that involves twisting two pieces of hair together for a rope-like effect

Twist-Out The style that results from unraveling two-strand twists

Two-Headed Dragon A root with two separate dreads. Usually the result of deliberate combining or two dreads marrying

WL Waist Length