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My Partner Hates My Natural Hair. Help!

My Partner Hates My Natural Hair

Going natural and growing dreads can be difficult. Family, friends, and even strangers all have opinions. But what do you do when your partner hates your natural hair?

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Nappy Dreads Natural Hair Update (2018)

Nappy Dreads Update Thumbnail

We’re almost halfway through the year and I realized I haven’t posted a natural hair update in a long time. Enjoy!

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Shampoo Brush Review: How To Wash Natural Hair With Long Nails

Vitagoods Shampoo Brush ~ How To Wash Nappy Hair With Long Nails

I love my nappy natural hair… but I also love my long natural nails. And the two do not play well together. The fix? A shampoo brush.

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How I Started My Natural Hair Journey: My Natural Hair Tag

Natural hair tag - me with dreadlocks

I’m always interested in how other people started their natural hair journeys. (Check out my Naturals To Know interviews.) So when I had the change to do my own natural hair tag, I jumped on it. Read on to learn a little about my natural hair journey.

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Nappy Hair: The Most Taboo Words In The Black Community

Is Nappy A Bad Word

Aahhh…the “other N-word.” Love it or hate it, nappy is a word every black person seems to have an opinion on, especially if he or she is natural. And I’m no different. Read my opinion, and then leave yours in the comments.

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