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Naturals To Know: Taki

Taki bald head Caesar, natural hair

Meet longtime natural and friend of the family Taki. She’s had a TWA, dreadlocks, and now a baldie. Read on for her routine and advice for new naturals.

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Mr. Monday: Erik

Erik - thumbnail

Meet this week’s Mr. Monday, Erik. Keep reading as he shares his motivation for locing, his maintenance routine, and what you should do as a new natural.

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Mr. Monday: Tro’juan Henderson

Tro'juan Henderson

Meet Mr. Monday, poet Tro’juan Henderson. Read on to find out how he maintains his awesome dreads and his advice for new naturals and life in general.

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Naturals To Know: Nkosikazi

Natural Hair Interview: Nkosikazi Gatsheni

Natural hair interview with lifelong natural and current loced beauty Nkosikazi Gatsheni.

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Naturals To Know: Samantha Abrams

Comedian Samantha Abrams

Comedian Samantha Abrams shares what it takes to make it in the business, her hair routine, and how her daughter influenced her decision to stop relaxing.

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