Why Were You Weaved Up?

Horse TailPhoto courtesy Sackett Ridge

Yesterday I read an article by radio personality Mo Ivory entitled “Ladies…Who’s Hiding Under Your Weave?”

After her teenager asks for one, Ivory explores the prevalence of weaves in black society.

One of her questions stood out to me:

Why do you wear a weave…?

I love this question because most people assume if you don’t wear your own hair, you’re one or all of the following:

  • conforming to a European standard of beauty
  • suffering from self-hate
  • bald-headed

But my reason is never mentioned.

I was lazy. Well, lazy and clueless.

I simply had no idea how to take care of my natural hair and absolutely no desire to learn. Couple that with being stylistically challenged and boom! Just call me Weavie Wonder.

When I wasn’t braided up with extensions I was still sporting some type of no-fuss, shellacked-to-my-head style…finger waves, a slicked back ponytail with bun attachment, a french roll, etc.

If I had to do anything besides wrap it at night and spritz it in the morning, then it wasn’t a ‘do for me.

I’m also not a very “girly girl”. So having the latest styles and always having my hair “done” were never that important to me.

No wonder I freeform *wink*

NHBG fam, why were you weaved/wigged up?

Let’s be friends.

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  1. Zainab 1 says:

    I was never to much into weave. But I must say its quite popular theses days.Especially with the younger crowd. Great post and picture!
    Take care.
    Zainab 1 recently posted..~ BATTLE OF THE BUTTER’S ! ~My Profile

  2. Duke says:

    It’s because of everything in the media & that’s why you see many women wearing weaves. But you do have some women that’s going natural.

    • I agree that the media plays a lot into it, but I think some of it is also peer pressure and trying to be attractive to the fellas.

      Thanks for commenting, fam.

      • Duke says:

        No problem & you’re also right about peer pressure. As long as you want to do it for yourself & not for pleasing others, it’s all good.

  3. Jo Somebody says:

    I’ve never worn a weave, but I was relaxed for the exact same reasons you were weaved. I barely had to comb my hair and didn’t even do the nightly wrapping. Lazy as heck!

    • A new family member…welcome, sis 😉

      And no offense, but I’m giving your relaxed hair routine a serious side eye lol

      Thanks for stopping by. You should stick around…we’re good people *wink*

  4. Lexi says:

    Unfortunately, I have to second Jo Somebody. I only got relaxers two or three times a year, and that was enough that I really didnot have to do much to it. Comb it? Maybe. Style it? Probably not. What saved my hair was that my mom knew how to properly relax it, and made me deep condish when I washed it. I did not actually start taking care of my hair until I decided not to relax it anymore. Now, I wear weave or extensions as a protective style (but not that often cause girly has a VERY sensitive scalp.

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      It sounds like Mom was ahead of the curve. Improper application is the main reason relaxers cause damage for many.

      As for not learning to take care of it until you stopped relaxing…I can relate. Like I said, for me relaxers and extensions were almost a reason to neglect hair care. As long as I didn’t have to bother with it I was good.

      Thanks for commenting.

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